As a Bank, we have several products tailoured to meet the various needs of our diverse customers. Below are the list of accounts we have and their classification.

  • Gold Savings
  • Golden Kiddies Savings
  • Gold Corporate Savings
  • Individual Savings
  • Staff Savings
  • Target Savings
  • Corporate Current
  • Individual Current
  • Staff Current
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Loans

1. Individual/ Corporate Current Account

This Current Account provides you with unlimited access to your money at all times. You can manage your business, execute your payments and receive your salary, through this account. It is available to Individuals, Corporate Bodies such as Limited Liability Companies, Registered Business names, Cooperatives and NGOs.  Minimum opening balance is N10,000, Funds Transfer to all commercial banks in Nigeria, Internal transfers, Encashment of cheques, Standing order transfers/payments,  Free statement of account (on request),  Affordable pricing, Sms Alert services, Transparent and speedy transactions. Payments/ Cash collection can be made anywhere nationwide with our Corresponding banking service.

2.  Individual Savings Account:

This savings account enables clients save money to meet future needs, emergencies and also encourage savings habit. The Individual Savings Account attracts interest on it overtime. Minimum opening and operating balance is N2,000, Low entry balance, Easy access to your account, Payments can be made anywhere nationwide with our Corresponding banking service, Available to all individuals, financial advice available

3. Golden Kiddies Savings Account:

This is a savings account designed to provide clients the opportunity to save towards the welfare of their children/dependents. With opening balance as little as N2000, the savings account allows you secure your child’s future till he/she attains age 18. Competitive interest rate, Convenient and easy withdrawal anytime, Payments can be made anywhere nationwide with our corresponding banking service, Very low entry balance, Secured future for your child, Available to Groups and Individuals, Expert financial advice 

4. Target Savings:

This is an account for collective savings, Ideal for individuals, groups, associations, cooperatives, unions and others. It gives clients the opportunity to save funds that they do not immediately have need for. Minimum operating balance is N, highly competitive interest rate and easy access to your account. Payments can be made anywhere nationwide with our corresponding banking service, Expert financial advice available.

5. Golden Corporate  Savings:

This account is for small and medium sized sole entrepreneurs, groups, associations, cooperatives, unions with moderate volumes of transaction, this account provides ready access to funds through cheques or at the branch. It also allows cheque lodgment. Payments can be made anywhere nationwide with our corresponding banking service. Expert financial advice available.

6. Investment account (Fixed Deposit)

This is a fixed deposit account for the socially responsible individuals or organizations who which to empower low income earners whilst making a competitive return on their investments. Personal loan funds are created by opening the term deposit accounts. The funds deposited are used to provide micro loans to eligible micro entrepreneurs and other nominated beneficiaries by the investor within Anambra State.

We can also process the following.

School fees payments, PTA levy, Staff salary payment, Management fees payment etc.


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